bitcraft Co.,Ltd.
150-0032 Tokyo, Japan
19-22 Uguisudanichō Shibuya-ku
Tosōkaikan 5F
Tel : 03-6452-5860

CEO : Takehiko Terada
Executive officers :
David Cochard
Sébastien Robert


Bitcraft is a young company based in Tokyo, specialized in developing backend solutions for console and mobile video games.
On top of backend solutions, we also support our clients on the frontend development of games, as well as the creation of web-based administration tools.


Bitcraft provides turnkey solutions for online features.

Our server-side offer includes REST backends, peer-to-peer (P2P) communication for games relying on player-to-player real-time interactions, as well as server-side logic and persistent connections for larger-scale projects with strict anti-cheating policy.

It's hard to list up all the different aspects we can take care of regarding the frontend development of games.
Of course we develop the client-side library that interacts with our servers (encryption, requests queuing, serialization...), but our team can also implements the game logic, interaction, AI, and all kind of rendering features, depending on the project needs.


Thanks to our extensive field experience, we have learned the art of balancing all the important aspects of back-end conception, including, but not limited to scalability, security, availability and data safety.

We are a tight-knit team of engineers who care deeply about writing robust, high-quality software.
Our engineers are like our applications: reliable and available.

We are well aware that for a successful and smooth integration, it is absolutely necessary to keep the client side and server side in close collaboration at all time.


As a young company with many exciting projects, we offer you the opportunity to become a key member of our team with great potential for career evolution. Giving our engineering team the opportunity to learn new technologies and acquire new skills is very important to us.

The office, located in central Tokyo (5 minutes walking distance from the famous Shibuya crossing), is easy to access and in a pleasant area. We also have a pretty awesome rooftop terrasse (see pictures below) on which we like enjoy lunch and refreshing after work beers.