Server Backend

bitcraft's core offering is tailor-made backend solutions.
From development to operation and maintenance, we take care of every step necessary to establishing the perfect online solution for application and games, both on the client and server side.

Using open source technologies that are both widespread and well supported, we created solid frameworks that will deliver the level of performance, scalability, security and reliability you expect for your service.

Our frameworks

【 LaPoste 】  REST backend

LaPoste is a backend framework offering modular and reusable code for efficient server side development.
Our REST API handles the most popular protocols and is ready to support your application on multiple platforms.
A clean plugin-based API allows for rapid development, while including a wide variety of ready-to-use built-in features for the most common use case scenarios.

【 Neutrino 】 Peer-to-Peer solution

Neutrino is our off-the-shelf P2P solution for your mobile applications and games.
This STUN/TURN standard-compliant set of libraries greatly simplifies the integration of cross-platform real-time network communication.

【 Graviton 】 Realtime persistent connection solution

Some games have strict anti-cheat policies, forcing the game logic to be processed on the server-side.
Graviton has been designed to handle large-scale projects with high number of concurrent persistent connections, and lots of traffic.
Graviton takes care of managing connections, serializing and encrypting data, managing requests and so on. It can be integrated in a matter of minutes in popular game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal engine.

Our latest release:Final Fantasy Explorers Force

We completed the development of Final Fantasy Explorers Force, a multi-player RPG game on smartphone.

Bitcraft was in charge of the entire backend development, including the implementation of the entire server-side game logic, as well as the conception of administration and deployment tools required in production.

The game is only available in Japan at the moment.
Here is the official website where you'll find all the information you might need.

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