Webtool development

As we are developing administration tools for most of our backend projects, we now have a significant library of modules we can re-use between projects. This includes KPI analytics, realtime backend information, and content management.

We also came to realize that this kind of webtools could become handy for companies out of our main video gaming network of clients.

Those webtools aims at improving communication, work efficiency, and task reliability, everything customized to match the specific needs of a particular client.

Tired of using Excel for absolutely everything? (even tasks for which Excel is not even appropriate...)

Scalability through your entire company

  • Project management
  • Data processing
  • Complex search
  • Plot & graphs
  • Collaborative editing
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • ... and more︕
  • handle large number of concurrent connections,
  • multi-device, portable, localized...
【b-dash】bitcraft's webtool solution
  1. No need to buy expensive and heavy generic software suite to end up using only a fraction of it.
    We develop a custom tool to specifically target your needs.
  2. Most generic software solutions follow a per-user pricing plan, which can quickly become a significant monthly expense as your number of users grow.

    With B-dash, you only have to cover the up-front development cost, no additional expense will be added as the number of users using the system grow over time.

    Moreover bitcraft developed an important library of re-usable modules which greatly speeds-up development cycles, and reduce costs.
  3. Bitcraft also provides support and monitoring of your system, and make sure your data are properly secured and backed up.

Our web development engineers also cover specific needs, such as webGL development.

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