Smartphone Applications

Bitcraft's engineers have been working in the video gaming industry for a while, some of them started as developers on the client side of projects, working on implementing game logic, high-end rendering, or even working amongst game engine core development team.

They are used to work with large teams made up of people with very different backgrounds (developers, game designers, artists...) and enjoy the way the people skills add up to create great games.

We, at bitcraft, capitalize on this diverse experience to also take in projects where client side development is required, mostly for gaming projects but not only.

In-house project:Jelly Arcade

Cartoony action in an arcade-style puzzle jumper.
Your arch-enemy has kidnapped your girlfriend!!
Run, jump and catapult your way through forests and caves to get her back!

Bitcraft took care of the entire development of this in-house project using Unity3D.
The backend is based on our laposte REST framework that we re-wrote in Go language for the occasion to test the technology.

To create the level design of the game, we developed our own level editor available on github.
This editor allowed us to create 300+ levels, with a coherent progression that will, we hope, let players spend hours trying to beat the game. (yeah, the game is really hard...)
More details on our level design creation pipeline here , and check the trailer video below!

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